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A Couple Touch Ups

Decided to touch up some old drawings with my newly acquired Photoshop powers, I’m pretty pleased with them. Still working on the Smeagol one, but I thought it was good enough to post.

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Handy Mandy Graffix

These are some graphics I made for my website I was pretty stoked on these ones so I figured I’d put em up here. All are CC, so feel free to steal.

Character Concepts for “Wizards of Mu”

These are some character concepts I had made for the Cursed Fortress Dungeon. I had a lot of fun making them and playing this dungeon, too bad the mechanics just don’t work unless you have like 12 pages of paper and a couple hours of free time to finish each battle… Really gotta work on those mechanics…

Map Concept for “Wizards of Mu”

"Map Concept for Wizards of Mu"
“Map Concept for Wizards of Mu”

I was super proud of this when I made it. Drawing it was super fun, I could just get lost in the worlds that were there. I really need to revisit this game…

The idea behind this was just to represent different style of tiles (hehe… rhyme), such as a graveyard and ruins. In a full scale map there would probably be some more graphical representation as to the function of a tile, like I’m sure no one can tell that the middle tile restores health to units when not in combat… yeeeah symbols are a good thing…